1. How do I purchase Satis software?

Simply reach us through any of our communication channels on our website. A member of our sales team will get in touch with you immediately.

2. What benefits do AMC provide over per-incident support?

An AMC (Annual Maintenance Contract) guarantees 24/7 support for any issues that may arise with your Satis installation during the AMC’s active period. Additionally, you will receive future releases of Satis software free of charge.

With per-incident support, you will be charged per incident, which will be expensive in the long run. You will also be charged for future updates of Satis software, which would have been installed free of charge while on AMC.

3. With an AMC, is there a maximum number of support requests?

No. While on AMC, you can access support whenever you need it. There is no limit.

4. Does Satis software come with all features included, or will I have to pay more per feature?

Satis, as with all products from Synergy-Pro, come with all features included. No additional payments are necessary.

5. Once purchased, do I own the software, or will I have to pay for yearly license renewals?

Licenses are paid for only once during the initial purchase. After that you have full ownership rights and your software will remain activated for life.