Ensure Accountability

Keep track of the whereabouts, usage and costs of your assets. Determine if they are performing as expected.

Stay Informed

Keep track of the whereabouts, usage and costs of your assets. Determine if they are performing as expected.

Enhance Collaboration

Simplify information and resource sharing among different departments through an organised workflow structure.

Who we are

Synergy-Pro Limited is a Kenyan based Independent software vendor developing Service management applications that have found wide application across many industries. Our vision is to be the flagship company for African Software by continuously investing in R&D and mentoring top talent to compete against some of the world’s top software houses.

What we offer

Our solutions are purposely built to transform your business.

LanSupport Service Desk

Satis Asset Management

See how our solutions can transform your business.

Need to handle customer complaints from multiple channels? We’ve got you covered.

Receive customer complaints in real time, from multiple channels. All complaints from Facebook, twitter and email are displayed in a singular portal, so you can handle all complaints with ease.

Need to automate your internal processes? We’ve got what you need.

Automate your company’s recurring processes. Schedule maintenance renewals, customer site visits, payment reminders, expiration warnings, and so much more. All from one solution.

Featured Posts

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Introducing LanSupport

LanSupport ServiceDesk 2016, scheduled for version 2017 release, is now in its 13th year of development. LanSupport 2016 is not merely a shift in naming convention - LanSupport 5.8 being last release with the former naming convention. It is a major release that responds to the valuable...

Helpdesk Implementation Strategies: How to Successfully Implement an Electronic Customer Service Desk

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Simplicity and Efficiency for your Business.

Our solutions encompass these qualities to strengthen your business processes. We are eager to show you how!