Features of Satis


Satis Asset Management ships with the following key features:

1. Total Cost of Ownership Analysis 

Organizations invest in assets expecting a productivity gain arising from use of the asset. SATIS consolidates all cost related data on an asset into one database for easy analysis, including:

 Purchase price (depreciation & NBV automatically computed based on rules)

Cost of peripherals e.g. Monitors

Costs of configuration e.g. additional memory, applications etc.

Insurance costs (insurance per asset automatically computed)

Maintenance Contracts

Repair Costs (labour, spares & consumables) 


2. Utilization Statistics

The investment in operational assets is often substantial and Management must continuously minimize the proportion of idle assets (in-storage, owner on leave, undergoing repairs, unaccounted for etc.) to increase the return on investment from the asset portfolio.

SATIS is able to present idle asset data from a financial perspective, which gives management time to react in a timely manner.

3. Configuration Management.

The value of an asset is derived from the cost of the base asset,its specific configurations and any associated peripherals.
Unauthorized changes to standard company configuration devalues the asset and generates unnecessary support work for support and maintenance teams. Satis stores and tracks all information concerning configuration and peripherals.



4. Batch Operations

Many operations involving assets involve a batch e.g. acquiring, deploying to a branches, movement operations, maintenance etc. Satis has simple but powerful functionality to create batch assets at purchase stage, manage maintenance operations, move batches of assets and eventually dispose of them as a batch. This allows asset management teams spend less time on data entry and more time on more productive analysis.

5. Change of Status Notifications

Any change of status of an asset (ownership, movement, configuration, condition, location etc.) that is logged in the system can be set to trigger email/SMS alerts to designated groups so that any unauthorized changes of status can be investigated immediately and appropriate remedial action taken.

6.Dashboards and Metrics

Satis has a rich library of dashboards and metrics that provide real time analysis of the status of the entire asset portfolio. Assets can be viewed by group, type, make, model, cost, location, operational status, department, cost center etc. Trends analysis is also provided which provide insights into the merits or demerits of the existing asset policies and management