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    Known Browser Issues

    This article details known browser problems related to LanSupport.

    Known Issues related to Internet Explorer 8

    When running LanSupport from the main system user view, if you are getting scripting errors or messages such as ‘Error on page’ on the status bar, the problem lies with compatibility being turned off.


    Upgrade to the latest version of Internet Explorer (highly recommended). You can download it from here.
    Use a different browser, e.g. Chrome or Firefox.
    Turn on compatibility view. It will eliminate errors on the web pages while loading. To turn it on, click on the ‘Compatiblity View’ icon that is next to the address bar. Please note that turning on compatibility will break the report viewer layout, you will then have to turn it off to fix the layout. These problems do not appear in IE9, we highly recommend you upgrade to the latest version of Internet Explorer in order to resolve these problems.

    We test LanSupport in the latest version of all the major browsers. While there may be some bugs present due to having an older version, we do not test for obsolete versions such as IE 4,5 or 6. We try our best to find and fix all issues however some do slip past us. We always recommend that you upgrade your browser to the latest version.

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